Geothermal Learning and Development

Custom Training and Development

Our Team is excited to offer Geothermal Learning and Development training and consulting services.  This program is tailored to an individual or team that is looking to better understand the fundamentals, risks, opportunities, benefits and technical specifics about anything geothermal.

If you find yourself thinking or asking any of the following questions, then we have a solution for you:

Could our products or services be transferrable or capable of working in the higher temperatures of the geothermal industry?

We want to invest in geothermal greenfield exploration or start-up companies but don’t know enough about geothermal to have the confidence to do so.

What are the general risks of geothermal and is the industry going to grow?

We’re facing pressure to plug and abandon a significant portion of our non-productive O&G assets, could geothermal be a viable alternative?

Geothermal Data Services is offering the following Learning and Development packages:

Kilowatt: 10 hours / Geothermal Basics
A general introduction and overview of the science, market, and players

Megawatt: 20 hours / Geothermal Development
Includes the Basics plus deeper dive into geology, geochemistry, and drilling best practices

Gigawatt: 40 hours / Advanced Geothermal
Includes each of the previous two packages and a comprehensive overview of the core components from greenfield exploration to electrons to the grid

Custom Learning and Development packages are available based on your specific needs. Starting at 10 hours. Retainers are available (minimum 3 months).

General Geothermal Consulting/Advisory services:
Starting at 10 hours; retainers available (minimum 3 months)


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