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US Geothermal Market Review


Published on: July 29, 2021
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In the United States, geothermal resources are most prominently utilized for the purpose of electricity generation. Most geothermal power plants are found in the western states of which 94% of current geothermal generating capacity is found in the states of California and Nevada. Presently Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah also have geothermal power plants.

Total installed capacity of all operating power plants was found to be relatively consistent over the period from 2015 – 2019. Dry steam and flash technology dominates geothermal power production capacity in the US. Most power plants in California are powered by dry steam technology, but the overall installed capacity from these plants has shown some fluctuations within the past 5 years. An overall, slowly declining trend was observed in net electricity generation from operating geothermal plants in California between 2015 – 2019. Since 2000, binary geothermal powerplants have experienced significant growth as it allows for the utilization of lower temperature resources.

This report answers several core questions in detail about the US Geothermal Market status. Such as:

  • What is the status of the US Geothermal Market?
  • What Policies both national and state-wide are in place to support geothermal development?
  • What are the core challenges of the US Geothermal Market?
  • Who are the major stakeholders in the US Geothermal Market?
  • Who are the Geothermal Power Producers/Operators?
  • What is the Supplier Relationship or Supply Chain landscape for Geothermal?


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